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Leah Kingsley is the pseudonym for two co-author best friends. Jenna Faris and Heidi Springstroh met as teenagers in a 2011 guide dog training class. They bonded over their loves of books, music, and puppies and became fast friends and partners in crime.

Jenna Faris

Jenna grew up at the edge of a small town in British Columbia, Canada. She was the fourth child of six siblings and was sometimes a leader, sometimes a follower. The first stories Jenna created were with her younger sister. The girls played with toy horses and gave them names, families, friends, and relationships. At ages eight and six, they progressed into acting out stories with full-on plotlines of adventure, romance, and catastrophe. Their youngest sister loved these elaborate tales so much, she developed a habit of sneaking in to listen as they played. As Jenna grew older, she began writing every chance she got. Poetry, mystery, love, and loss tumbled from her fingertips in disorganized, yet therapeutic, volumes. She has always been protective of her writing, preferring to share it with a select few individuals, rather than the entire world. Lucky for her, her best friend, Heidi Springstroh, has the bravery and confidence to encourage, expand upon, and promote their ideas. Jenna discovered her love of books by reading and re-reading the Harry Potter series by J. K. Rowling. Young adult fantasy has always been, and continues to be, her favorite genre.

Heidi Springstroh

Heidi grew up in a small town in Florida with her parents and younger brother. She has always had an active imagination. From a young age, she would invent complex stories about dragons, werewolves, or fairies and insist that her brother, cousins, and friends play along. As she grew older, she began creating her own species. Sometimes she would combine the traits of two or more existing supernatural creatures to form a new and unique hybrid, and sometimes she’d start completely from scratch. She has an undying love for all things fantasy but has never been an avid writer. She finds it much more fun to create elaborate, fantastical tales in her head, than to sit and methodically write her ideas down. Lucky for her, her best friend, Jenna Faris, possesses the love for writing Heidi never had. Heidi’s love of fantasy spawned early on from watching shows like Dragon Tales and reading the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. Though she prefers inventing her own stories over reading books, she continues to draw inspiration from young adult fantasy novels, such as The Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini and Kissed by an Angel by Elizabeth Chandler.

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